Bird Camera with Feeder for Birder Buddy

※ New appearance design, precision mold structure, camera only for indoor use; ※ The camera adopts high sensitivity waterproof microphone, and the products can be used indoors.

※ Powered by 5200 Ma lithium polymer battery;Can set incoming alarm recording and all-weather recording;

※ Ultra-low power consumption, super long time standby, and intelligent power saving function, standby time more than 60 days; can record continuously for about 30 hours.Charging by external high-power 7W high-performance solar panel;

※ Good experience of low-power equipment dedicated app, simple operation, full-featured, product settings can be set through the mobile phone app;

※ Supports maximum 128G TF card storage, or select cloud storage to meet different customer requirements.

※ Uses the German import PIR induction alarm, through the newest algorithm, the equipment alarm pushes sends the high sensitivity, reduce unmistakable report;

※ Uses 1/3 high-definition photosensitive chip; Resolution: 1080p, 2MP;

※ With IR-CUT double filter, automatic color turn black, built-in low power infrared lamp, can effectively improve the night vision sharpness;

※ High power WiFi module built into the equipment, professional and customized WiFi antenna, more powerful to receive WiFi signal stability, do not drop the line;

※ PIR function;

※ Remote wake-up function, PIR alarm push function, mobile phone app response in time, anytime to see;

※ Built-in pickup, horn, users can monitor through the mobile phone app, and can realize real-time remote video voice intercom;

※ Using High-performance DSP codec chip, the host can deal with a variety of complex situations, rapid response;

※ Household consumer security products, industrial standard design, products can be long-term, stable work, so that users speaks worry-free;

※ Product installation is simple, completely free from the shackles of the line, you can choose the right location to install (need to be able to receive WiFi signal);

※ Professional factory production;