4.0MP outdoor camera

IP66 outdoor security Xiaomi outdoor camera AW300 VS A25 PTZ Camera machine comparison

The threshold of consumer level cameras is getting lower and lower, and more subdivided camera products corresponding to professional scenes are gradually emerging,

such as the electronic doorbell that can be seen outside the door, the outdoor camera that focuses on outdoor safety, and the dual pan tilt camera that monitors in a large

range without visual angle. There are also more versatile intelligent cameras that are currently the most popular choice.

Because there are old people and babies at home, we can’t take care of them at work at ordinary times, so cameras that can check the situation at home at any time have

become just needed. Today, let’s compare Xiaomi AW300 and Fuvision A25 WIFI Security Camera.

  1. Appearance:

*AW300: two small antennas in the shape of the gun

*A25: Two small antennas in the shape of PTZ ball machine

  1. Design:

Two models: the body is designed in a minimalist way, and the speaker and memory card slots are on the lower side of the body, mainly for waterproofing

  1. Functions:


*AW300: 3 megapixel ultra clear CMOS sensor, professional optical lens

*A25: Version 1: 2 million pixel ultra clear CMOS sensor, professional optical lens

Version 2: 4 megapixel ultra clear CMOS sensor, professional optical lens

resolving power

*AW300: 2K (official parameter)

*A25: Version 1:1920 * 1080P (2.0mp)

Version 2: 2K (4.0MP)

Storage: both micro sd card and cloud storage support

Night vision: all support intelligent full-color night vision

Mobile detection: all support


*AW300: support 2 lights

*A25: support: 4 lights+4 night vision lights

PTZ PTZ rotation:

 * AW300: Not supported

 * A25: support

Human tracking:

 * AW300: Not supported

 * A25: support

Two way intercom: both supported

Mobile push alarm: all supported

Waterproof: all supported

Power supply mode:

 * AW300: 5V 1A 10PIN

 *A25:5V 1A Type-c (included)

In the past, most indoor and outdoor cameras were fixed viewing angles, but PTZ cameras are becoming more and more popular among consumers, because

PTZ can solve the problem of small monitoring range compared with fixed viewing angle cameras. Originally, 3-4 cameras were needed to achieve the effect.

Now, 1 camera to 2 cameras can meet the demand. In terms of price and actual effect, consumers prefer the PTZ version with adjustable viewing angle.

The A25 camera has done a very good job in terms of real-time images, real-time conversations, automatic recording of security monitoring, and review operations.

In particular, the IP66 level dust and water prevention and good WIFI gain antenna long-distance penetration communication effect are beyond the ordinary camera.