S210 Waterpoof 25w Solar Camera Test

25W Solar CCTV Camera real Test

Product information

Model: S210

Solar security camera

Characteristic function;

1. 25W super large solar panel

2.18000 Ma battery, supporting power failure for 3 days

3. Fast wake-up and app push alarm

4. PIR + acoustic radar

5. Two way intercom and echo elimination

6. Lighting, full color night vision

7.170 ° wide angle video recording

8. Memory card + cloud storage

9.10x digital zoom, 4mp


Neutral packaging, color box design is relatively regular, suitable for direct use by customers

The packaging accessories are complete and the packaging protection is adequate, which can avoid collision and damage during transportation. The end user can install them by himself through tools

Test Description

Installation location and target location

1 in the figure is the installation position, and the equipment is on the 15th floor

2 in the figure is the target recording position

Straight line distance: about 104m

The distance between the equipment and the target area is about 130 meters


1. Daytime Test

3MP effect recording time: 9.59 2022.7.28 distance: About 55m maximum distance: about 130m outdoor temperature: about 45 °

2.Night black and white night vision effect display

Recording time: 22.52, 2022.7.25 distance: About 55m, maximum distance: about 130m, outdoor temperature: about 7 °\

3.Night colorful night vision effect display

Recording time: 2022.7.25 21.12 the distance is about 55 meters, the outdoor temperature is about 110 meters, and the outdoor temperature is about 7 °

Real use Test video

Recording time: 2022.2.11 12.19 distance: About 50m, outdoor temperature: About 150m, outdoor temperature: about – 22 °

S210 PTZ 25W Night Vision Solar IP Camera

² 25W solar panel battery life, guarantee 24 hours full-time recording; (lower than 30% power enters low power consumption to trigger event recording)

² Built-in LiteOS operating system, fast wake-up and fast push;

² Built-in high-fidelity speaker and high-definition microphone, support two-way voice intercom, with echo cancellation function;

² Equipped with high-power 850nm infrared lamp and white light lamp, the effective distance of night vision can reach 20 meters;

² Built-in 2 million 3.6mm high-definition lens, maximum angle of 100 degrees;

² 6-section 18650 large-capacity lithium battery;

² Comes with Micro SD card slot, supports up to 64GB memory card, compatible with major brands of memory cards;

² No need for power supply, solar power generation and built-in lithium battery power supply;

² Easy to use without network environment, built-in full Netcom 4G module, keep the device online at any time;

² Built-in infrared human body sensing detector, white light illumination can be automatically turned on according to human body sensing at night;

² Support device online push and PIR infrared human body sensing detection push and push message management;

² Support cloud recording, cloud on-demand, device sharing (unlimited friends);

² Suitable for yards, fish ponds, orchards, farms, mines, construction sites and other environments that are inconvenient to connect to electricity and wiring;

s210 solar camera for home security

25 Solar Panel 18000 MAH Rechargeable Battery powered