Security camera industry welcomes new shortwave infrared detector chip, movement and complete machine

Ruichuang WeChat released news on its WeChat platform, and its newly developed independent high sensitive InGaAs shortwave infrared detector chip was officially released, with an array size of 640 × 512, pixel spacing 15 μ m. Response band 0.93~1.70 μ m. At the same time, two types of short wave infrared movement and multi spectral PTZ products with integrated short wave movement were released.

Relying on the company’s core technology and industry-leading mass production platform in the field of uncooled infrared focal plane chips, devices, modules and complete machines, Ruichuang Weina actively laid out the III-V compound semiconductor technology platform to support the research, development and industrialization of photon detectors and semiconductor lasers. At present, the R&D and trial production verification of InGaAs short wave infrared chips, short wave infrared movement and multi spectral PTZ products have been completed.

At present, shortwave infrared has begun to be applied in the following typical application scenarios, including vision enhancement, photovoltaic detection, space communication, semiconductor detection, etc. In terms of visual enhancement, the short wave infrared spectrum has a special position, which combines the sensing advantages of optical reflection imaging and thermal imaging. It has high spatial resolution, good recognition, and strong ability to penetrate atmospheric obstacles such as haze and smoke. It has important application value in police law enforcement, security monitoring, fire rescue and other scenes.

IS615B, Prober GE short wave infrared movement and PTZ multispectral PTZ products released this time use Ruichuang’s own highly sensitive InGaAs detector chip, and the array size is 640 × 512, response band 0.93~1.70 μ m。 The product has the function of adaptive active temperature control, with a wide range of application scenarios.

IS615B movement is superior to other similar products in size, power consumption and weight, especially suitable for lightweight load or small system integration; The Prober GE mobile positioning industrial camera supports high frame rate and ROI windowing, with rich functions, and can meet the application needs of various industries. PTZ series multispectral PTZ products can be combined with visible light, infrared thermal imaging, laser and other spectral products to meet all kinds of all-weather monitoring needs.

It is understood that short wave infrared is still in the early stage of industry development, and large-scale market applications need to be broken through. Ruichuang Weina will give full play to the technical advantages of sensor chips, readout circuits, device packaging and image processing algorithms accumulated for many years in the infrared field, provide competitive products and solutions for the market, and promote the wider application of shortwave infrared technology.