What is the difference between a white light camera and an infrared camera

between a white light camera and an infrared camera

The white light camera is similar to the infrared camera. It is a camera that provides low-level light at night. The biggest feature is that the night image is a color image. If the monitoring range at night is within 20 meters, white light is a good choice.

Colorful Night vision

Black and white night vision

Features of white light camera:


1. No color deviation during the day: the color is more vivid and the picture is more realistic!


2. Full color at night: the color information of the night image is increased, the picture has a strong sense of hierarchy, and the resolution is higher, which is more conducive to investigation and evidence collection.

3. Low power consumption, long life, energy saving and power saving: the bright white LED saves 40% of power consumption compared with the infrared LED, and the heat generation is extremely low, which greatly extends the service life of the camera. It can not only save electricity for users, but also conform to the new trend of global low-carbon environmental protection. Low power consumption and low heat generation (such as 35) Φ 8 light on: white light 0.26A, infrared 0.35A; No more than 5 ° C of ambient temperature), long life, energy saving, excellent cost performance.

4. Lighting function and warning: the white light camera has the auxiliary lighting function and can play the role of street lamp at night; And its warning can also have a deterrent effect on people who have ulterior motives.

Day time recording

Day time recording