“YiEye” pay attention to your personal privacy protection. Sometimes we need some information to provide you with the services you requested,

and this privacy statement explains the data collection and use in these cases.

This privacy statement applies to all related services of the YiEye APP application Your Personal Information Collection
We will ask for your consent in the following case when the application needs to:
(A) Scan the QR code using the camera
(B) Device intercom needs to call the recording function
(C) Save video clips or some caching data(such as thumbnail) need to write your external storage
The recorded voice of your smartphone will send to your remote device directly, and nerver be stored on any server.
Control Your Personal Information
“YiEye” will be in compliance with the law and the “YiEye” related terms of service、Software license Agreement to use your personal information
(A) meet the express provisions of the law, or comply with the “YiEye” applicable procedures for this application;
(B) comply with the terms of the “YiEye” related Terms of Service, Software License Agreement;
“YiEye” will not, without permission, share this information with a third party, except as already stated in this statement.
Your Personal Information Is Safe
Strict protection of your personal information. We use a variety of security techniques and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.
About Exemption
“YiEye” does not assume any liability for the occurrence of the following related matters:
“YiEye” to provide your personal information in accordance with the law or the requirements of the relevant government;
The leakage of personal information due to “YiEye”
Any third party’s use of your personal information arising from the terms and conditions set forth in the YiEye Terms of Service and statements;
Any temporary service caused by a hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or government control ceased;
Any consequences resulting from force majeure;
“YiEye” specified in the terms of service and statement of liability.
Amendments To The Privacy Statement:
According to the needs, to modify this privacy statement at any time.We suggest user to view the latest online privacy policy on a regular basis to use the terms。

Any future terms will be updated, we will not take the initiative to remind the user, will not be back to the application of the situation before,

and will not change our previous collection of information on the way.